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We guarantee our investors the necessary know-how and experience to prepare, support and launch a successful fundraising campaign together with innovative startups and SMEs.

Crowdfunding is one of the tools that has grown the most in the ecosystem in 2021, and is now an established part of the industry.

Many startups are using it more and more, and that's why Peekaboo decided to support them in creating and launching a crowdfunding campaign.

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In Italy, we are the only accelerator that focuses for three months on the projects of the startups that participate in our dedicated program, the Crowdfunding Program.

Through personalized advice, validated methodologies, bi-weekly goals, and level-headed professionals to support them, innovative startups and SMBs are able to adequately prepare for the launch of a campaign and reach their target fundraising amount.

Why invest in the startups and SMEs supported by Peekaboo?

The reason is simple!

Our investors can invest in a project with high growth potential and be confident that the project has acquired the right methodologies to continue its climb over time!

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Through our proprietary platform, you will be able to follow the developments of the startup or SME in which you have invested, and you will be able to get in touch with other projects in which you wish to invest.

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