Get ready to raise more than €150.000 in 3 months

The unique online program where you’ll find dedicated support, group mentorship, and lots of tools to help you better prepare for the fundraising

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Crowdfunding Program

It’s Peekaboo’s fully remote digital accelerator program created for both those with just an idea, those with a newly built team, and those already operating in the market having revenue.

Founders will have access to our platform, where they will find our community of mentors and investors, +35 video lessons, discount on tools, events, and level-headed mentors to help them grow.

The ultimate goal of the program is to get, after 12 weeks, to launch a crowdfunding campaign, which will last another 60 days.

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For those who only have an idea

With the program you will experience all the best practices of the startup world and learn how to validate an innovative idea with few resources and in a short time.

For those who have a team with a project that needs to scale up

Let Peekaboo's team and external partners help you accelerate your growth path and, if you need it, raise at least 100K in 12 weeks.

For those who have a reality that already works

Designed for pre-seed or seed stage SMEs and startups to scale quickly, burn out and raise investment.

How the program works

The services you’ll find to address the program

Our platform is structured to give you everything you need to grow your project, such as hours of video training content, dozens of mentors ready to support you, discounts on the best tools and business challenges from partner companies.

All this can be done remotely!

100% Online & Equity Free

The program runs remotely, so you participate from wherever you want, and no corporate participation is required in exchange for the service.

+35 Video Lessons

Each video lesson is made and designed to give anyone the opportunity to cover all the important areas of a startup, from using tools to corporate structure, from how to create a landing page to how to increase sales!

+ 36 hours of professional mentorship

Within the program, you’ll have 12 hours of group mentorship with other startups, with the Peekaboo team, to discuss, update the status of your project and take insights on the sprint you’re facing to best overcome it.

Plus, there are 24 hours of customized mentorships with the Peekaboo team, which you can use to improve specific areas of your project, in the following areas: Marketing, UX/UI, Tech, Business, Sales.

Group mentorships will take place at 6:30pm, while custom mentorships can be found during other times throughout the week!

Framework & Proprietary Templates to structure your work

At your disposal you will have professional templates with which the best startups in the world work, useful to give you a structure and to put the method learned into documents that will always come in handy!

+ 60 mentors & investors in our network

Peekaboo was born in 2016, and from there it has never stopped growing its network of mentors and investors.

You could the perfect mentor and/or investor on the platform for your needs, but remember to work hard to get noticed.

Discounted tools for the Peekaboo community

There are several tools with discounts applied only to the Peekaboo community that you can use to grow your project quickly and save money!

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Crowdfunding platforms partners of the program

If you meet the deadlines and make it to the end of the program we will connect you to the following certified portals

A community of mentors and investors for each industry

Since 2016, Peekaboo has continuously supported startups and companies on their journey, which has allowed them to connect with the best professionals in the market.

All available to help you grow!

Some of the startups that have grown up with us!

Each of them found their way thanks to Peekaboo!

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Your questions.
Our answers.

Is it possible to participate in the program for free?

Yes, but only under certain conditions:

  • A cohesive and committed team consisting of at least one CEO and CTO
  • A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Project metrics demonstrating initial market traction(leads, users, contracts, etc…)
  • ​​A pitch deck with program highlights

How does long the program take?

12 weeks, divided into 15-day sprints, for 6 total sprints. From the third sprint on, the project will begin to focus on the crowdfunding campaign.

Can we participate even if we have not incorporated the startup?

Yes, it is possible to participate in the program even if the startup has not yet been incorporated. But watch the timing! To launch a campaign you have to be one, so you can start the program even without being incorporated, but you have to be incorporated during otherwise you risk not being able to launch the campaign.

Can I participate on my own or I need a co-founder?

The answer is simple, alone you won’t get anywhere! So we recommend that you think about finding a co-founder before applying to the program.

How do I apply to the program?

On our website you can apply and you will have the opportunity to speak with a member of the Peekaboo team about next steps.

How much commitment is needed in terms of dedicated hours?

Each project, will be at a different stage. The less you have accomplished to date, the more effort you will put into the program. However, we recommend that you calculate at least 20 hours per week to the program.

How is payment made?

You have the option, via Paypal or Stripe, to pay online or in one installment, or in 3 installments.

What happens if after I start the program I can no longer participate?

If you don’t upload the weekly updates, which certify the work done by the team, your platform content will be blacked out at the end of the program.

Is my project safe?

Of course! We’ll sign a contract in which the parties agree not to spread news about it.

Are you now ready to raise capital?

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