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Since 2015 we have been helping startups and young talents to validate their ideas and turn them into successful businesses. Peekaboo is the gym where innovators can find: daily training and mentorship, an active ecosystem and recurrent opportunities to join the best open innovation programs available.

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Up to today we have contributed to the launch of over 150 startups and to the training of over 600 professionals and entrepreneurs

Matteo PreziottiCEO @ EasyPol

Peekaboo è pura follia. Non pensavo fosse possibile sopportare certi carichi di lavoro. Avevo un’idea, ora ho un team, un prodotto funzionante ed i primi investitori.

Renzo CarrieroCEO @ Keiron

In Peekaboo non esistono mezze misure. Vuoi raggiungere risultati? La passione non basta, devi metterti in gioco, coinvolgere un team valido ed ascoltare i docenti.

Guglielmo La ViaCEO @ Yoyot

Ho conosciuto i ragazzi di Peekaboo per caso. Dal primo giorno ho capito che stavo partecipando a qualcosa di nuovo. Se esiste YOYOT è anche per merito del team e dei docenti che mi hanno aiutato durante il Lean Startup Program.

Marco CesaroCEO @ ClassUp

Per partecipare al Lean Startup Program partivo da Napoli tutte le settimane. Faticoso, ma ne vale la pena!

Daniel BondìCEO @ JPlace

Mi sono presentato in Peekaboo con un’idea folle, che nessuno avrebbe mai ascoltato. I ragazzi lo hanno fatto ed ora ho investitori che credono in me, un team appassionato che mi affianca in questa sfida e tanti obiettivi da raggiungere.

Ongoing Training

We are shaping the new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators

By joining in the Startup Sprint you will get unlimited access to our training platform. Where every week  you will find new lessons, new content and the schedule of live events.

Quality training

Video lessons on business, marketing, UX, pitch, finance etc.

Tools & Deals

Gain access to an updated database of startup tools and redeem exclusive discounts

A community of Founders

Meet network founders of some of the best italian startups

Practical experience

Take part in mentorship sessions, stress tests, assignments and pitch day. These practical experiences will help you at becoming the best founder you can be!

You really want to make the difference?

Join one of our Corporate Programs: 2/3 months of top-level training, open innovation challenges and recurring mentorships, in collaboration with large companies and multinationals.

What is a Corporate Startup Program?

A complete training experience

A free training and pre-acceleration course. It usually lasts between 8 and 12 weeks and it is carried out in collaboration with large companies and multinationals.

Take part in Open Innovation Challenges

All programs are extremely because we want people to really learn on the field. Participants challenge each other on the conception, validation and development of innovative solutions in a mindset of open innovation.

Lean the Lean Methodology practically

Corporate Startup Programs represent the highest level of training for startups. A proven program, the result of years of experience in accelerating early stage startups.

Stand out and present at the Pitch Day

At the end of the program, the best teams will pitch in front of the managers of the program partner company. The Pitch Day is an unique opportunity to convince them to invest in your project and to boost your career.
We have been supporting sustainable innovation since 2015

Why people love our Corporate Startup Programs

How is the

Corporate Startup Program


Corporate Startup Programs follow a well-structured program, even if there small variation may occur (additions or mergers of modules, thematic specialization etc) the core curriculum is the same.

Discovery, this is when you will research your target client through a practical approach.

Consequently you will learn how to define clearly who is your potential customer, to identify the problem that your product will solve and you will learn the fundamental methodology to develop a successful product.

  • CUSTOMER DISCOVERY: discovering the target customer and the problem that will be solved with your product
  • AGILE, OKR, PRIORITIZATION & TEAM BUILDING: are the techniques and methods that will allow you to structure an effective and productive workflow to implement in your startup

Validation stands for making sure that the identified problem is perceived as painful by the target customer, so much so that the solution you provide with your product is worth paying for.

  • MARKET & COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: you will learn the practical methods that will allow you to analyze the market and competitors
  • SUSTAINABILITY BUSINESS MODEL & METRICS: you will learn how to build a sustainable business model (how to make money)
  • MVP (MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT): you will create a first version of the product that you can sell to customers, so you can immediately understand if they are willing to buy it
  • LANDING PAGE & SERVICE DESIGN: you will discover all the secrets to present your product effectively
  • FUNNEL AARRR e TRACTION: you will learn the basics of growth hacking and discover the most effective ways to sell your product to customers and constantly measure the data that allows you to make better decisions
  • GROWTH STRATEGY: you will learn the techniques that will allow your startup to grow exponentially
  • A/B TESTING: you will discover all the tricks to quickly test and validate your hypotheses and ideas

After learning the key aspects of running your startup, by creating an effective strategy and product and setting up a marketing plan, it’s time to look for investments to support the growth of your startup.

You will receive  all the tools and expertise needed to reach out to investors, present your idea and raise capital.

  • FUNDRAISING STRATEGY: you will discover what is the best strategy to finance your project.
  • PITCH DECK: you will learn how to make slides and other material useful to effectively present your project to investors.

Only the best teams will be able to present their project to the management team of the partner company:

  • PITCH MENTORSHIP: we will help you create a perfect pitch
  • SELECTION DAY: all startups will have the opportunity to present their projects, only the best will be selected for the final pitch
  • FINAL PITCH: this is the opportunity you were waiting for. The best team will present their project to the management team who have opened the call for ideas. Now it’s the time to show them that your solution is perfect for solving their problem and convince them to invest in your new startup

It’s time to listen to the experience of those who took part in the program!

After hearing their experience are you ready to take the chance and be protagonist of our next Startup Program?




The Enel Sustainability Startup Program is a pre-acceleration program for startups, teams of innovation enthusiasts and talents who want to learn the best methodologies, tricks and secrets to validate, develop and launch innovative solutions.

Participants will have the opportunity to work on 3 important open innovation challenges launched by Enel. Candidates with the best ideas will be admitted to the program, where for 8 weeks they will receive intensive training and support to turn their ideas into reality.

At the end of the program there will be a Pitch Day during which the best participants will be able to present their innovative solution directly to a Commission of  Enel Experts.


Here is how the application

and the selection process works:


Choose a Corporate Startup Program


Choose the challenge (call 4 ideas) you want to develop


Apply for the challenge with your innovative idea


Pass the interview with the selection board

Sustainability is our mantra

We want to help the world be a better place.

This is why we work with corporations that have made sustainability their core value and seek to innovate in a sustainable way.

For our Corporate Startup Programs we only select ideas that can potentially have a positive impact on one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Wise mentors for an epic challenge!

It will be an epic challenge! Validating a startup idea is a complex process and intrinsically with a high failure rate. For this reason there will be mentors to guide you through the program, all entrepreneurs and managers with years of experience in the field, who have already been there and can help you avoid mistakes and reduce the chances of failure.

Our ecosystem

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