Peekaboo's Journey

Peekaboo was founded in 2016 as a non-profit association, with the aim of spreading innovative entrepreneurship in the university context and bringing to the Italian market the Lean Startup methodology already validated overseas.

Thus a pre-acceleration format was born, the Lean Startup Program, to teach startuppers how to complete a team, validate the business model and realize the first version of the product to be put on the market, with the final goal of attracting first investments and growing.

Contemporaneously, Peekaboo begins to collaborate in the Open Innovation field with international corporations, such as ENEL with which it designs the global program Make It Happen, Unilever, Acea, Perrigo, Nestlè and Allergan.

From 2016 to 2020, Peekaboo launched more than 10 editions of the Lean Startup Program, supporting hundreds of teams and thousands of founders in the validation of their project, helping to raise millions of euros of investment for participating startups and providing level-headed projects to its investor community.

In 2020 with the arrival of the pandemic, Peekaboo chooses to accelerate the growth of startups, from idea to market, with a platform-based investment model. Peekaboo creates the first totally free online startup acceleration program in Italy. The program allows, through a proprietary platform, to raise pre-seed and seed round from crowdfunding partners, enjoying all the benefits of programs and community interaction, remotely and from all over Italy.

In 2021, Peekaboo became a certified incubator and a benefit corporation (togliere i.e. e lasciare tra parentesi a company aimed not only at profit, but also at having an impact on environmental and social sustainability.

In 2022, Peekaboo is running three batches of the Crowdfunding Program, to support startups and SMEs in launching successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Peekaboo's journey continues, we're just at the beginning!

The three souls that make Peekaboo a unique company in Italy

Innovative Startup

The developed platform makes our business model repeatable and scalable.

Certified Incubator

Our crowdfunding services and accelerator programs support the growth of startups.

Benefit Society

A company that aims to maximize its positive impact on society and the environment.



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